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The third bta diOS 13.4 is available

The third bta diOS 13.4 is available

In parallel, Apple offers the new btas diPadOS (13.4), tvOS (13.4) and watchOS (6.2).

This third beta 13.4 introduces a new feature that ends cutting relationships between the iPhone and a Mac or PC. Apple has developed an autonomous system recovery tool on the iPhone. It would therefore no longer be necessary to use iTunes or Finder to carry out the operation. The firm wants to make its smartphone ever more independent.

According to 9to5Mac who discovered the novelty, OS Recovery would therefore restore an iPhone from an iOS version available on the Internet, without external help.

Little is known yet about this tool. Besides, it could disappear in a next beta version. Apple had made appear then disappear a function of transfer of data from iCloud or an iPhone to another with iOS 12.4.

Beyond this new functionality, the third beta 13.3 iOS brings as always fixes. It is currently only available to developers. Apple should offer it very soon to members of its beta-testing program.