the Tag Heuer smartwatch will be available in November and for $ 1,400

the Tag Heuer smartwatch will be available in November and for $ 1,400

The brand Tag Heuer was one of the first in luxury watchmaking to evoke a connected watch project after the officialization of the watch Watch Apple. Jean-Claude Biver, brand manager within the group LVMH, has regularly stated its intention to offer a connected watch but which would be careful not to be a copy of Apple's product.

Tag Heuer Carrera Since then, this intention has been formalized and some details have been given: the Tag Heuer connected watch should be inspired by the design of the watch. Tag Heuer Carrera, embed a dedicated processor Intel and appeal to Android Wear.

To see if the partnership with Google will give rise to a customization of the Android Wear interface, already claimed by manufacturers of connected watches as Huawei.

Expected for the end of the year, Bloomberg specifies that its marketing is planned for the period October / November 2015 and that its price should be around 1400 dollars. A tariff which would place it at the upper limit of the tariff grid of the intermediate version of theApple Watch.

The future connected watch should have an autonomy of one forty hours, much more than the Android Wear watches on the market and well beyond the 18 hours announced for the Apple Watch, but less than first attempts at interactive watches in luxury watchmaking which, by retaining a standard dial and not adding technology only in small touches, maintain autonomy for several years.

By the way, Jean-Claude Biver mischievously wishes a broad success for the connected watch from Apple, reports again Bloomberg : "the more they sell, the more people who want something different will turn to Tag Heuer", he said.