the stylus inserted upside down, this false manipulation which is expensive

Galaxy Note 5 Stylus backTaken by your current activity, you insert the stylus of the Galaxy Note 5 in its housing at the base of the smartphone without noticing that it is upside down … and it's the dumpling. Because this simple almost harmless gesture may have the consequence of permanently trapping the stylus.

And if by chance you manage to get it out, there is a good chance that you have destroyed the mechanism for detecting the presence of the stylus in the housing.

The site Android Police points out this inconsistency that it appears to a design defect by stressing that the stylus is inserted as easily in a good way than upside down, whereas in previous versions of the phablet, insertion in the wrong direction was immediately detectable by resistance.

The site wonders about the consequences of this awkwardness by wondering if Samsung will offer a new stylus or be forced to recall its Galaxy Note 5.