The Star Wars Cosmetics We Want To See Fortnite - GKZ Hitech

The Star Wars Cosmetics We Want To See Fortnite – GKZ Hitech

Star Wars X Fortnite 2 is coming. Here are the cosmetics that we hope to see accompany the crossover.

Over the weekend, we had confirmation that Fortnite will be screening an exclusive scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in Risky Reels on December 14. The screening probably won't be the only piece that crosses, however, as fans hope to see more. Star Wars cosmetics are coming to Fortnite.

Data miner @Hypex has planted his flag in the camp we will get more Star Wars cosmetics due to the Original Trilogy nickname on the skin of Storm Trooper. We can only hope that he is right.

It would make sense for Epic to add more Star Wars Fortnite cosmetics. We have already seen skins from John Wick, The Avengers and Batman. Star Wars is arguably larger than the three franchises.

It is therefore time for speculation. Let's take a look at some of the Star Wars cosmetics that we would like to see Fortnite.

Our favorite characters

Via: Disney

There are several characters from Star Wars that we would like to see come into play with the second crossover event. If the speculation is correct, we are almost sure to get at least one. Rey is the new star in the Star Wars universe, which means that she is one of the characters most likely to have her own skin in the game.

This does not mean that she is the most requested character. Kylo Ren is his opposite and would probably make a better appearance in the game. You can use it with or without his helmet, for example. A Kylo Ren skin would probably also include a cape, which is a popular bling back style.

Another likely candidate for a Fortnite skin is Luke Skywalker. Here's a skin concept that would include everyone's favorite Jedi.

Luke also presents the opportunity to create two skins – one from the young Luke and the other from the old. Otherwise, we might see selectable styles for him.

Of course, there are other characters like Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, Han Solo and Princess Leia. These options are probably less likely than Luke, Rey, and Kylo Ren, as they aren't as relevant in the next film.

Lightsaber pickaxe

Via: Disney

A lightsaber pickaxe is a must for the next Fortnite X Star Wars crossover. It looks like Epic has to introduce a Jedi or Sith to wield these pickaxes, which is why we didn't see one when the Storm Trooper came out.

Lightsabers can also be available in several styles with selectable colors. Of all the Star Wars cosmetics you want, this has to be one of the most realistic demands.

Baby Yoda Backbling

Via: @ MrDrD34TH

Baby Yoda must be the hottest meme on the Internet since The Mandalorian was released on Disney +. Each week presents a new memorable scene featuring the favorite 50-year-old baby on the Internet.

Fortnite will promote the new Star Wars movie rather than the TV show, but that doesn't mean they won't include thanks for Baby Yoda.

If we know something about Epic Games, we know they like to look at the same. A Baby Yoda skin would fit perfectly into this theme.

If we don't get Baby Yoda, it would at least be fun to see the real Yoda in the game. It could catch your back and make branded jokes when you kill – similar to pets and bling fish back.

What Star Wars cosmetics do you hope to see in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments.