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the Spartan Project in the next preview

While the Spartan Project was briefly seen in a demonstration of Windows 10 on smartphone at the MWC 2015, a Microsoft official has confirmed that the new web browser will be offered in the next preview of the operating system.

Recall that currently, it is only possible to test the new EdgeHTML rendering engine from Spartan via manipulation in Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft has just explained the reason for this choice of a rendering engine based on the work done with Trident rather than opting for a WebKit solution.

The new browser codenamed Spartan will be a universal application with a similar appearance on computer, tablet and smartphone. We now know that it will be updated through the Windows Store.

Spartan ProjectTechnical manager in charge of universal applications for Windows, Kevin Gallo did not specify when the next preview of Windows 10 with Spartan will be available. According to several rumors, it should arrive by the end of March and probably well before.

Microsoft had however suggested a new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview before the end of February but it is clear that it did not come. On the computer, we are therefore staying for the moment with build 9926 put online for testers on January 23.

Currently, several captures of a build 10022 are leaking. The Russian hacker WZor is having a great time but the captures do not reveal any new features, or even the presence of Spartan. It is ultimately the updating of the iconography that catches the eye the most. There are those who love and others much less.

Windows-10-build-10022-WZor-1 Windows-10-build-10022-WZor-2 Windows-10-build-10022-WZor-3 Windows-10-build-10022-WZor-4