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The Societe Generale App

Managing expenses is not necessarily easy for everyone, the time when doing their accounts with a filing cabinet and a double decimeter to plot the columns is well and truly overwhelmed, banks now all offer mobile apps to track finances at a glance. The Societe Generale is no exception to the rule and proposes The Societe Generale app.

Updated regularly The Societe Generale app adopts a nice look that has nothing to envy to its functionality. It will be noted in the first place, and this is not the case for all apps of this type, that the app will retain your identifier between two connections; it may be basic but it is not very easy to remember your account number!

The reception offers a small gauge (fuel gauge type) allowing you to know, at first glance if all is well in your accounts or if you are … in the red. You can view the status and history of your accounts with a very practical tab system.

Add to that the classic, possibility of making transfers and many other features, the app allows:

  • to contact their advisor using an in-app messaging system that sends push notifications in the event of a message,
  • to follow the stock market prices,
  • manage expenses,

But also, through the “services” menu

  • Locate agencies and distributors Societe Generale,
  • Find useful numbers in case of emergency,
  • Convert the euro and dollar into many foreign currencies,
  • Simulate the financing of a project