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the Snat asks Apple to collaborate with the police

The American Snat judicial committee sent an Apple and Facebook document asking the two companies to find a way to make the crypts available to the police during the investigation.


As reported by Reuters, the leaders of Apple and Facebook have received this request from the judicial commission of the US Snat. This has revived the diatribe between protecting the privacy of users and national security.

You'll find a way to do it or we'll do it for you said Lindsey Graham. We will not live in a world where a group of pedophiles will have a haven of peace to practice their profession. Point. End of the discussion .

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would extend end-to-end encryption to all of its messaging services. This decision has sparked controversy from several governments such as the United States and Australia. Indeed, it will make things more complex for the forces to have access to user data during investigations.

For its part, Apple has already faced a legal battle in 2016 against the FBI in the San Bernardino case. At the time, the company said it could not give access to the crypt data of the terrorist's iPhone. The only solution would be an access by drobe door to the iPhone. Inconceivable thing as this would make all smartphones in the market much more vulnerable to external attacks.

Apple is strongly opposed to the creation of drobal doors to give access to the government. It has also warned repeatedly against the dangers of weakening encryption. Apple still cooperates with the police, providing relevant iCloud data during an investigation, the police request.