Mac Pro 2017: a slight facelift before the new 2018 models

The smart speaker with Siri already in production?

iphone ipad apple accessoryAnd if Apple was launching its own SIri based smart speaker? As we mentioned, Apple could present a speaker connected to counter the Amazon Echo or Google Home and this, from June 5 at the WWDC 2017.

This time it's the site Economic Daily News who says that the production would have started. According to this site, it is Inventec who would be the subcontractor responsible for the production, the same who leaves (with difficulty) AirPods

an apple smart speaker in June?

Regarding the appearance, this speaker running under a variant of iOS could recall a little design Mac Pro currently on sale. In addition, we would find control on the top of the device with a grid of speakers a bit like the EU Boom.

This Siri base speaker could integrate a SoC A9, a subwoofer and seven tweeters to enjoy a crystal clear sound. Obviously, it would be compatible Airplay and therefore able to interact with an iPhone, a Mac or Apple TV. To follow closely!

The Mac PRO 2013

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