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The Sims Mobile10.0.1.155706

The Sims on Android is a game with an almost unlimited lifespan in which the player’s imagination is the only limit. A successful version, graphically sublime and which offers a wealth of content both in construction, as well as regular activities and events in multiplayer. To be tested as it is addictive!

The Sims MobileWell known on PC and consoles, The Sims is a game series featuring a simulation of life that is both offbeat and funny. Everything goes from the creation of a family, to work through the layout of the house and friendly relations.

This game for Android tablets and smartphones offers to create a character and make him meet new people and take his first steps in life.

Create your character

The character creation menu is one of the most successful seen on Android, including personalization of the head, body and style, including clothing, hairstyle, makeup and any accessories.

Take your first steps in virtual life!

Moving into your new home also means tidying up, planning and knowledge in the neighborhood. Your Sims will also go to find work and make a career in a field to gain Simflouzes which will allow him to change his interior and to have the house of his dreams. Then free to shape the lifestyle of each of the Sims, build friendly or romantic relationships, start a family and pave the way for future generations.The Sims Mobile

Build THE perfect home

Besides doing everything and anything with his Sims, the game is excellent in construction. Indeed, it is possible to change the complete layout of the house, the rooms, the openings, the decoration, the furniture, everything goes there and according to several styles. Other places are also available such as workplaces like restaurant, fashion studio or cafe.

What about multiplayer?

Thanks to parties and events, it is possible to find the SIms of friends and even to arrange for them to meet at special events or move into the same house. Daily events also allow players to meet during a speed-dating or during the Fête de la Musique.

An atmosphere with little onions

Quality music, sound effects with a shovel and discussions as incomprehensible as ever, this Android version is no exception to the saga on PC. The set is graphically admirable, what more could you ask for a free game?