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The shortage of iPhone is confirmed in the United States

The shortage of iPhone is confirmed in the United States

In some American stores, it is already impossible to get your hands on an iPhone.

The slowdowns in production chains in Asia already seem to have an impact on the availability of iPhone in stores.

Customers of several American Apple Stores have thus been informed that the replacement models will not be delivered before 2 4 weeks. New buyers are also impacted in several stores, notably in New York City, where the first iPhone shortages were recorded. Several resellers would already have sold their entire stock. In other shops, only certain models are out of stock.

For the moment, Europe and the East coast seem spared. However, it is not impossible that shortages will also affect other markets.

According to the resellers, the shortages are actually linked to the delays in production in China. Several apple production plans have had to close for several days following the coronavirus epidemic.

Paradoxically enough, Tim Cook had neither as a whole the impact of the coronavirus on the availability of the devices. It seems that Apple has miscalculated its move.

And the bad news could continue for the apple since some are already voiding the cancellation of WWDC, the big annual event of Apple, and the postponement of several new products, which were supposed to be marketed in the coming weeks.