The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra would be much less powerful than the iPhone 12 according to this first benchmark

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be announced at the same time as the Galaxy S21, if all goes well. Today, a first benchmark of the smartphone gives us an overview of its performance. It would be less powerful than the iPhone 12. A result to be qualified, since the phone is still at the prototypal stage.

The Galaxy S20
The Galaxy S20. Credits: PhonAndroid

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will undoubtedly be presented at the same time as the Galaxy S21 in January. The terminal appears today in Geekbench, a benchmark tool, and shows a little what it has in the belly. An interesting result to analyze, since it is equipped with a Samsung’s new Exynos 2100 processor.

The telephone thus gives the following results: 1006 points in single core and 3059 points in multi core. Results worthy of a top-of-the-range, of course, but all the same disappointing. For example, it is far behind the iPhone 12, which has an Apple A14 Bionic SoC. The latter shows 1597 points in single Core and 4152 points in multi-core.

Results to be qualified

These results may cause concern, especially as the Exynos 2100, promised as a notable improvement to the Exynos 990, will equip all S21s. However, they must be qualified. The phone, as well as the processor, are still in the development phase. These results should not be taken at face value, as they may result from a prototype with an SoC not at the peak of its capabilities. Regarding the technical characteristics of the S21, it seems that the processor is accompanied by 12 GB of RAM. This data could also change until release, the S20 Ultra having 16 GB of RAM, for example.

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Samsung is running on eggshells with this new Exynos 2100. If the previous Exynos 990 was powerful, he still lagged behind the competition, Apple and Qualcomm in the lead. With this new SoC, the Korean manufacturer wants to catch up and show that it offers the most powerful processor on the market. For the moment, these first results do not go in this direction. It remains to be seen what the final version of the phone will be worth on the same benchmark, which will undoubtedly be very different.


Source: Wccftech