The revolutionary "Nest" thermostat will soon be available from Apple

The revolutionary "Nest" thermostat will soon be available from Apple

The revolutionary Nest thermostat designed by the godfather of the iPod is about to land on the shelves of Apple at a price of $ 249, reveals the site iLounge.

Last October, we had relayed the information to you that a revolutionary thermostat was about to hit the market. It’s now – almost – done if you get the site iLounge who claims that the “Nest” will soon be on sale at Apple.

As a reminder, the Nest (either nest, in French) has the particularity of being able to drastically lower your energy bill. Nest can cut your bill by 50% , said Tony Fadell, former head of the iPod division at Apple who left the company in March 2010. The device has a touch screen and a wheel reminiscent of that of the iPod and is able to learn the temperature that you appreciate and above all when you need it. This new device with a pure design is also capable of determining how many people are in the room, thanks to its integrated sensor, and will then regulate the temperature according to the number of people present.

For the former Apple employee converted to a "thermostat salesperson", this new product is aimed directly at the general public and the latter should not go through intermediaries (including wholesalers or heaters) to be able to obtain it.

note that the Nest has a Wi-Fi connection which allows it to be set remotely. For this purpose, an iPhone application has been developed and allows you to configure the remote accessory.

The Nest should land on the shelves of Apple (Apple Stores and Apple Store online) imminently and at a price of $ 249, probably 249 for Belgium according to Apple's policy: $ 1 = 1.

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