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The return of the rumor: Apple would abandon Intel in 2020 in its Mac

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphone

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneApple which jumped on the Intel train in 2005 could leave it in 2020. Indeed, in addition to using its own processors successfully in the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple Watch, Apple would prepare the recovery thanks to the Kalamata project of after Bloomberg. If you follow Apple closely, the rumor already existed in 2012.

We can link this information to several other views recently such as the T2 processor of the iMac Pro "made in Apple" or the announcement of the firm concerning the making of its own GPU chips.

In order to always be as close as possible to its line which today makes the difference on the mobile and tablet market – the mastery in symbiosis of hardware and software, Apple would aim at a double objective here: sell Macs even more efficient and have a bigger margin on each piece.

Intel falls on the stock market

Direct consequence, Intel has just lost nearly 9% on the stock market, or a few billion flights in a day. Pending confirmation, there is no doubt that the world of microcomputing will closely follow this story.

For memory, Apple uses ARM architecture processors in its mobile devices, with high performance.

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