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The reopening of Chinese Apple Stores has been postponed [Coronavirus]

Apple Store Chine - coronavirus

Deirdre O’Brien from Apple wrote to Chinese Apple Store staff to announce plans to reopen after the constant threat of Coronavirus.

Apple Store China

Currently, Apple offices and 42 stores are closed due to the scary Coronavirus worldwide. Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and People, wrote to all Apple Store staff in China, saying the Cupertino firm had decided to postpone the reopening of stores originally scheduled for February 10. According to OBrien's note, Apple continues to work with health experts to monitor the situation and will release new updates on the matter.

Initially, Apple decided to close the first two stores in January, then all of the remaining stores and offices in China from February 1. The intention was to reopen after February 9 but things do not seem to be going in this direction. Stores are currently listed online as opening Monday, February 10, but not all stores may reopen on the same day.

We’ll keep you posted on developments and the reopening of stores in China.