The PS5 soon in stock, WhatsApp is justified, Xiaomi blacklisted, the recap of the week

Whatsapp specifies what data is shared with Facebook, the PS5 could make a comeback at Carrefour, the United States no longer want Xiaomi… Welcome to the recap of the week!

recap of the week

It’s been a hectic week in the tech world. On the one hand, Whatsapp had to face the controversy after a dubious change of its T & Cs and was forced to detail what data is indeed shared with its parent company. On the other hand, the US government has placed Xiaomi on a blacklist, convinced that the manufacturer has too close links for its liking with the Chinese army. Finally, the collective behind the black skin of the PS5 canceled all of its sales following death threats. Some good news nonetheless: the PS5, in fact, could be back in stores, while the first images of Windows 10X have surfaced.

What does Whatsapp really share with Facebook?

Certainly not your privacy, if the post posted by the messaging app this week is to be believed. “We want to be clear that changing the terms of use does not affect the privacy of your messages in any way”, said the latter. In front of the controversy which occurred after the threat of closing an account in the event of refusal of its new T & Cs, Whatsapp had no other choice than to make things clear. According to her, the new privacy policy only gives her the possibility access conversations with companies, before recalling that each company can in turn use these exchanges for marketing purposes. It remains to be seen whether this statement will succeed in containing the massive exodus of angry users to competing platforms.


The PS5 could make a comeback in stores

Is the end of stockouts about to come? In any case, a photo that appeared on Twitter gives hope to impatient players. The latter indeed shows the screen of what appears to be a list of stocks, on which is displayed the sweet name of the PS5. According to the source, Carrefour is therefore preparing to put the console back on sale on January 18. There is no doubt that stocks will quickly be exhausted, as demand does not seem to weaken since its release. To make sure you don’t miss the next wave of stock, we suggest you take a look at our guide to buying the PS5.


The black version of the PS5 is no longer for sale

The PS5 with the black skin will have known a short-lived success. The SUP3R5 collective, at the origin of the initiative, has indeed managed to sell 304 customized consoles in seconds. A tidal wave that was not to everyone’s taste, especially players who failed to get hold of the famous sesame. Visibly frustrated, they did not hesitate to send death threats to creators. “We take these threats seriously. We are not prepared to risk the safety and well-being of our team“, Said the latter on Twitter. Result: SUP3R5 preferred cancel 304 orders registered and postpone the launch of the black console to a later date. Buyers will be fully refunded in the coming days.

PS5 skin black

Trump administration bans Xiaomi from the US

Those are 11 Chinese companies which were blacklisted this Thursday, January 14, 2021. Among them, we find Xiaomi, accused like its counterparts maintain close ties with the Chinese army. “Ddetermined to highlight and counter the development strategy of military-civilian fusion of the People’s Republic of China ”, the US government ensures that the manufacturer provides advanced technologies to military authorities. The announcement was quick to make drop the stock market price of the company, which will soon be plus receive funding from U.S. investors. In response, Xiaomi claimed to have complied with the law and [avoir] operated in accordance with the laws and regulations relevant to the jurisdictions in which it operates ”. However, the company has not yet lost its Android license like Huawei, and can therefore still use google services on their devices.


We know the design of Windows 10X

The new version of Microsoft’s operating system, originally intended for the late Surface Neo, and then finally for dual-screen devices, has been unveiling little by little for some time. For the first time this week, a capture of the start menu has surfaced on the net, giving at the same time an interesting overview of the OS. We notice in particular that icons are centered on the taskbar, and that the menu design has been revisited Android sauce. The startup animation was also leaked on Twitter. Windows 10X is still planned for current 2021, without Microsoft not spreading, for the time being, on the subject.

Windows 10X

Our tests of the week

This week the Redmi Note 9T rubs shoulders with Samsung’s big announcement at the start of the year: the three Galaxy s21. The Note 9T can pride itself on offering a screen of excellent quality, very great photo performance as well as the integration of two 5G SIM cards. A remarkable technical sheet for its price range, namely € 249. The texture of its back shell as well as the quality of the sound in the upper midrange make it lose some points. Samsung’s new flagships are certainly not not a revolution, but have the merit of proposing a very successful design as well as stunning photo performance on the Ultra version. We are waiting to see what the smartphone has in the stomach when it comes to autonomy, the brand’s real Achilles heel. Starting price : 859 €.