The PS5 and its delivery problems, the S21 is revealed, the SFR increase, the recap of the week

The design of the Galaxy S21 is confirmed, the PS5 are struggling to be delivered correctly to customers, SFR increases without warning the amount of its subscriptions … back to the news of the week.

recap of the week

Definitely, having a PS5 delivered is an obstacle course. Between those who receive a bottle in place of the precious console and the vans who are pointed at full speed on the highway, the shortage creates very unlikely situations. Red By SFR subscribers also had a bad surprise this week when they saw the amount of their subscription increase by 3 euros without being notified. IPhone users are also not left out with the battery issues that arose after installing the latest iOS update. Good news all the same: as the announcement of the Galaxy S21 approaches, some rumors are confirmed …

PS5 deliveries are always a headache …

After the deep fryer and the cat food, the water bottle. Two weeks after its release, ordering a PS5 is still the equivalent of play the lottery : you never know what you’re going to come across. This time, it is in France that the story takes place, in Bétheny in the Marne more precisely. This father was very happy to be able to get the console on Amazon despite the shortage, before realizing that the contents of the package had been replaced. The fault is probably on the delivery men who steal the consoles before they reach customers. The bad luck does not stop there since, not content with being stolen 499 € for a bottle of water, the customer requested redress from the platform. In return, she offered him a voucher of … € 10.

Amazon water bottle package

… When they are not the subject of a robbery on the highway

Promised, then we stop. All the same, it is clear that leaving the PS5 creates situations at the very least extreme. We thought that the case of armed robbers stealing a van full of consoles was an isolated case, yet we are far from it. The practice, which bears the sweet name of rollover, is indeed very popular in the United Kingdom, where the Times reports no less than 27 attacks of this type since the beginning of the year. However, although spectacular, this technique is nonetheless very dangerous, since it consists quite simply open the door of the truck while being attached to the hood of the car, while driving at full speed on the highway. We can only advise you enough to wait for the return of available stock to get a PS5 instead.

RED subscribers see red after rising bill

The song begins to be known among SFR subscribers. More gigabytes, more mobile data… and above all more expensive. Again, the operator has increased discreetly the amount of his bills without leaving the choice to its customers. This pretext of an “improvement” of the offers. For example, the 30GB / month plan at € 10 will change to 13 € for 50GB / month next January. It would seem that there is nothing to do to refuse this increase, in addition to the possibility of canceling the subscription. This is not the first time that SFR has engaged in this kind of practice: at the beginning of the year, the UFC-Que Choisir denounced a hidden increase of € 3 per month, while in September the bill increased by 80% for some RED subscribers.

Red by SFR logo

The latest iOS update goes wrong on some iPhones

Do you like the Facetime in 1080p that appeared with iOS 14.2? Not sure you will like them so much big autonomy problems that the update resulted in some iPhones. “My 2020 iPhone SE deteriorated with every version of iOS 14. During the night, while I was asleep, it only lost 1 to 2% of the battery in 8 hours. Over the past few weeks, he has now lost 5% in 5 to 6 hours ”, can we read on the Apple forum. For others, the observation is even more alarming, whether it is a battery that is empty half in 30 minutes or which takes much longer to recharge. If most of the testimonials relate to iPhones a few years old, we can find everything in the same list. iPhone 11 and SE 2020, and even a few iPads. The problem being of a software nature, we can hope for a fix by iOS 14.3.

Apple iphone

The design of the Galaxy S21 is confirmed

As the announcement of the Galaxy S21 approaches, which Samsung would finally plan for February 2021, some rumors are validated. This is the case for the design of its next flagships, and in particular that of the photo block which for the first time extends to the edges of the smartphone. For the selfie sensor, the manufacturer places it again in a hole in the middle of the screen. As for the slab, it is surrounded by borders which appear uniform. The edges of the S21 and S21 + are flat, while the S21 Ultra is surrounded by curved edges.

Galaxy S21 design

Our tests of the week

A computer, headphones, a smartphone and a graphics card, the count is there this week! No overheating or noise, the Macbook Air 2020 proves impressive for both gaming and video editing. We would still have liked an additional USB type-C / Thunderbolt port and an adapter for HDMI, DisplayPort or USB type-A. Selling price : 1129 euros. Very comfortable and easy to use, the OnePlus Buds greatly disappoint with their very average sound. AT 59 euros, we wouldn’t have actually paid more. The Xiaomi Poco M3 marks the spirits by its monstrous autonomy for a really low price of 179.90 euros. However, it disappoints on the game and photo part. Finally, although it is a little more powerful than the RTX 3080 and it marks the arrival of ray tracing at AMD, the RX 6900 XT turns out to be too expensive for the performance displayed, namely 999 euros.