The PS5 achieves a record start in France, far ahead of the Xbox Series X

The PS5 marks a record start on the French market. In France, Sony sold 107,000 consoles in the space of a week. This is almost 3 times more than the number of Xbox Series X / S sold in France the week of the launch. The new home console breaks the record set by the Nintendo Switch in March 2017.

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According to figures obtained by Ludostrie, a website dedicated to video games, the PS5 sold at “Around 107,000 copies” in France during the launch week of November 19. Despite the shortage of consoles and the containment measures against Covid-19, the home console has made a record start on the French market.

The PS5 dethrones the Nintendo Switch. In March 2017, Nintendo’s hybrid console had achieved a record start in France with 105,000 sales. It was about the first console to sell more than 100,000 copies in the space of a week in France, ahead of the Wii (95,000 sales).

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Sony sold nearly 3 times more consoles in a week than Microsoft

De facto, Sony has sold nearly 3 times more consoles than Microsoft for the arrival of the PS5 in France. During the Xbox Series X / S launch week in France on November 10, the Redmond company only sold 37,000 machines. “It’s a launch that shows Sony’s strong dominance over Microsoft” emphasizes Ludostrie.

Console Xbox Series X / S Nintendo Switch PS5
Sales during the launch week in France 37000 105000 107000

Sony’s dominance over Microsoft is expressed in other markets. This is particularly the case on the American continent, where Sony sold 1,259,270 PS5 in the first week. For its part, Microsoft has only sold 898,208 next-generation Xboxes. The difference is also glaring on the UK market. In some countries, Sony sells 5 times more consoles than its rival.

As Ludostrie points out, out-of-stock distorts sales figures. “These figures therefore do not make it possible to effectively measure which machine is the most popular, but make it possible to identify which manufacturer has managed to produce and distribute the most consoles” explains the specialized site.

Concretely, the Japanese giant has above all succeeded in produce and make available more machines than its American competitor. To determine with relevance which is the most popular console, it will be necessary to wait for the end of the shortages. The latest news is that chronic stockouts are expected to continue until 2021. We will tell you more as soon as possible.

Source: Ludostrie