The PS4 will benefit from a richer and longer end of life than the PS3, assures Sony

During an interview, the boss of Sony Interactive Entertainment confirms that the PS4 will benefit from a longer support than the PS3. Reassuring players who have not made the transition to the PS5, due to a lack of resources or available consoles, he confirms that there will still be many games there. Of course, the focus will gradually be on the PS5, make no mistake!

sony ps4 pro end of life

The PS5 is not easy to buy. For two reasons. First, it still costs a little money, even if it is as expensive as the Xbox Series X. The PS5 costs 499 euros, ie 100 euros more expensive than the PS4 when it was launched. Not everyone can afford it. Then even its cost is within your budget, there is not enough inventory for all players to buy one. There are rumors that the console will return to stores in 2021, but not before. We will therefore have to be patient.

In the meantime, you will have to continue playing on your “old” console. Xbox One (classic, X or S) or PS4 (classic or Pro) depending on your equipment. But is this really bad news? It is true that PS4 owners will not be able to enjoy Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls Remaster or Sackboy. But the exclusives of the PS5 are still rare. And the PS4 still has a bright future ahead of it.

A richer end of life for the PS4

At least that’s what affirms once again Jim ryan, the boss of PlayStation. On the occasion of an interview with the British magazine Edge, he explains that Sony is working with developers to extend the lifespan of the PS4. In fact, players will have plenty to play on the console for a long time to come, even if that will delay the purchase of a PS5. He even explains that the PS4 will benefit from a richer and longer end of life than the PS3. This statement is simply a confirmation of what the boss of Sony said this summer about the PS4.

Of course, the goal is to keep gamers in the Sony fold while they transition to the PS5. Because these are 100 million units that have been sold by Sony since the console launched in 2013. And a very small minority were able to get a PS5. They should not go to competition. Hence the importance of the support of the PS4. But, be sure that Sony is going slowly, but surely, making the transition to its new platform. Jim Ryan confirms it during this interview. It remains to be seen whether the studios will agree to follow this recommendation.

Source: The Gamer