The prices of the new Mac dj rvls?

The prices of the new Mac dj rvls?

New references have appeared in the inventory of the Apple distribution network, reveals the Apple Insider website. References that would concern the renewal of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Pro.


A little bit more during the day, the site 9to5mac published specifications that would be one of the models for the future renewal of the MacBook Pro line. Now the site AppleInsider comes back to us, this time, with several serial numbers that have appeared recently in Apple's distribution network inventory.

A list of serial numbers which would come from an Australian source which indicates that Apple is currently preparing the shipment of its parcels to its distributors whose arrival is expected for next week! In total, it would be 27 references that would have appeared and that would concern the arrival of 14 new Macs, the other 13 references would be linked to accessories dedicated to new machines. according to 9tomac, the Mac models that are called being updated would first be the MacBook Pro, it would be offered in two versions and offered at prices of 1.990 and 2530. The iMac, it would also be reviewed and would be offered also in two versions of 21.5 ″ (1.060 and 1.330) and one of 27 ″ (1.970). Nine also from the side of the MacBook Air since it would be offered in four new models, including two versions for the 11.6 ″ (870 and 980) and as much for the 13.3 ″ model (1.060 and 1.330). Finally, the Mac Pro would also be entitled to their facelift since three new models would be offered at prices of 2,370, 2,840 and 3,630.

What do you think of these hypothetical new prices?

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