the price jumps by 30% on the rumor of a takeover by Samsung MaJ

the price jumps by 30% on the rumor of a takeover by Samsung MaJ

It is not the first time that we lend to the group Samsung intends to buy the Canadian manufacturer but when the rumor is re-launched by the agency Reuters with the indication of a transaction to $ 7.5 billion, the stock market price of Blackberry literally flies away.

Blackberry passport The news agency provides various details such as a price per share between 13.35 dollars and 15.49 dollars, a valuation of 38 to 60% of the current value of the price, and negotiations that would have been held the week past.

With such information, the BlackBerry share price has taken off 30% to this announcement before being reduced to an increase of 15%. However, the Canadian group issued a press release refuting the idea of ​​negotiating with Samsung for a possible buyout.

However, the Canadian newspaper Globe & Mail indicates that BlackBerry has rejected several proposals or discussions regarding an acquisition. Its main investor (the Canadian fund Fairfax) would be more interested in the current restructuring strategy than a takeover, considering that the offers at $ 7 billion and more would be below the manufacturer's potential in the long term.

logo-samsung Samsung's interest in BlackBerry may be linked to the Korean group's desire to break into the corporate world in the face of an Apple competitor who is difficult to dislodge, since BlackBerry has valuable expertise and services.

BlackBerry also provides an additional layer of security for the Knox solution developed by Samsung.

However, such an operation would impose regulatory scrutiny, as with any foreign company seeking to acquire one of Canada's flagships technology. Samsung could seek to dilute this risk by taking only a stake in BlackBerry and retaining an independent board of directors.

Update 12:00 : Samsung also denied any ongoing BlackBerry acquisition plans.