The operator SFR is now called “SFR altice” on smartphones

sfr altice iphone - L

Last week, some owners ofiPhone and smartphones Android have seen ” SFR altice As operator name at the top of their screens. Nothing alarming in this phenomenon, since SFR is only preparing its transition.

In 2014, the multinational telecoms group Altice acquired SFR. The operator then became Numericable-SFR before removing the mention Numericable for SFR Group in 2016. Last May, the boss of Altice announced the regrouping of all the group’s assets, including the French operator SFR, under the same brand. Hexagon media BFM, RMC, Release, L’Express and i24 News are not affected by this adjustment.

sfr altice iphone - The operator SFR is now called From June 2018, users will no longer see the operator name SFR displayed on their smartphones. This will effectively be replaced by the Altice brand. It is therefore to prepare for this important transition that the mention ” altice Has been added to SFR. The name change has been effective since October 12.

In addition, the French operator recalls that this change only concerns the name. Indeed, SFR subscribers will continue to benefit from the same packages and identical offers. The conditions of sale will not change, as will the after-sales service or the shops.