The OnePlus Concept One will have an invisible camera module

Image 1 : Le OnePlus Concept One aura un module de caméras invisible

The Chinese manufacturer has announced new details for the OnePlus Concept One, a prototype device that will be unveiled at CES 2020 next week. The camera module on the back of the phone would be invisible.

Image 1: The OnePlus Concept One will have an invisible camera module

In December, OnePlus had already let it be known that the device would be foldable. This would correspond to the fashion of the folding smartphone that Samsung and Huawei have launched. OnePlus is never behind in innovation, it was even the first manufacturer to offer a 5G smartphone.

The firm tweeted today that one of the main specifications of the phone is the invisible camera module in the back and a color changing glass technology (“Color-shifting glass technology).

An unprecedented innovation

The invisible camera effect is created by a sheet of electrochromic glass covering the photo sensors on the back of the device. This type of glass, also called dynamic glass, is tinted electronically. That is to say thatit can switch between opaque and tinted using an electrical signal from the phone. The photo sensors are therefore hidden without using a more traditional mechanical cover. In fact, according to a journalist from Wired, we no longer expect a physical transition where the camera disappears completely when it is simply a camera difficult to see. However, this technology allows the phone to be completely flat and not to have the photo module in excess thickness as it is always the case.

OnePlus work with McLaren on this technology. Indeed, the car manufacturer already uses this glass in luxury automobile models. This is why the design of Concept One is very likely to be inspired by McLaren with orange stitching and leather back. The camera module could be very similar to the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition with a 48-megapixel main sensor and a second sensor 16MP ultra wide angle.

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Finally, we have no other information about the hardware used (RAM, processor, screen, etc.). We remind you that the OnePlus Concept One is above all a prototype representing the technical achievements. Even if the Chinese brand does not put it on the market, it will do its best to introduce these innovations in the next flagships. Appointment on January 7 to know more.

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Source: The Verge