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The OnePlus 9 would skip an optical zoom

The OnePlus 9 could do without a periscope lens. In any case, this is what the famous Digital Chat Station leaker advances on the Chinese social network Weibo. This technology, which makes it possible to significantly improve the quality and power of the optical zoom, is nevertheless used on a large number of competing devices, notably at Samsung, Xiaomi or even Huawei.

The OnePlus 9 is not yet official, and yet rumors and rumors about it keep flooding the web. As you may know, it is currently known that OnePlus is preparing three variants of the OnePlus 9, composed as usual of OnePlus 9, then a Pro and Lite model.

Regarding the technical sheet of the OnePlus 9 and in particular the photo part, we recently learned that Leica could sign the camera set of the device. As a reminder, Leica is a global optical giant and has been working with Huawei for several years now. Thanks to this collaboration, the Shenzhen firm quickly made a place for itself among the manufacturers offering the best photo performances. The Mate 40, for example, is the embodiment of this.

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Still no periscope lens at OnePlus

In fact, a partnership with Leica would be excellent news for OnePlus, which could finally catch up in the field. And on this Monday, December 28, 2020, the revelation of the day here again concerns the photo component of the next OnePlus 9. Thus and according to the famous Digital Chat Station leaker, the OnePlus 9 would be deprived of periscope lens. In other words, users should settle for a regular telephoto lens.

According to the insider, slowdowns in the manufacturer’s production line would make the integration of a periscope sensor impossible. “Before Q3 2020, many new smartphones were equipped with periscopes. Next year, many new smartphones will not have periscopes ”.

As a reminder, the launch of the OnePlus 9 is scheduled for March 2021. The Chinese manufacturer has chosen to advance the official presentation of its new generation of smartphones by several weeks. By doing so, OnePlus hopes to prevent Samsung from occupying the field during the first quarter of 2021. Indeed, Samsung has also decided to advance the launch of the Galaxy S21 in January 2021.

Source: GSM Arena