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The official Orange pirat website …

Yesterday evening, the full pages of information on theiPhone were easily available online on the official Orange website, before disappearing illico presto…

We discovered there the subscription price, the activation conditions, and the technical sheet of the mobile, etc …

The colorimetric analysis of the published tariff grids, the observation of the fonts used, the typing of the characters and even the grain of the images are all cornerstones, which in the end, is often the same: it's a fake !

The latest, released on November 16, did not give analysts much trouble: the use of English and type abbreviations “We” instead of "weekend" do not forgive.

To see the screenshots of the famous pages, click on this link.

For info, on the same official website, we tell you that if you want to buy an iPhone on November 28 in preview in the few shops that offer it, you must not forget:

– an identity document being validated

– a bank or postal identity statement

– a canceled check or a bank card with your name

– proof of address if the addresses differ

– for legal persons, an extract from Kbis

and as long as they are there, a certificate of good life and manners too, or the results of the Bac, history to see if they have the capacities to use it …;]: D: lol:

@ loodyngel