The North Face E-Tip - Belgium-iPhone

The North Face E-Tip – Belgium-iPhone

having entered the cold period right now, it can now be tedious to handle your iPhone when you are wearing gloves. Indeed, the contact between the heat of the hand (of your fingers) and the LCD screen of the iPhone is interrupted, which has the consequence of no longer making your manipulations interact … This is how it is with The North Face, we thought about proposing a pair of gloves capable of filling this gap and taking advantage of your iPhone even with your hands protected from the cold.

Gloves E-Tip of The North Face are specially designed for capacitive touchscreen phone users. Perfectly protecting your hands from the cold, they also allow the manipulation of the capacitive touch screen thanks to inserts with X-Static material on the thumb and index finger of each glove. This material made of silver filaments allows the transfer of heat, and thus to use your iPhone without removing your gloves.

On sale in several online stores a price around 30.

We discuss it on the forum.