The NGO Apple chose to control Foxconn creates debate

The NGO Apple chose to control Foxconn creates debate

The day before yesterday, Apple announced that it had launched an investigation into Foxconn, its main maker of iDevices. Complaints of mistreatment in the group’s factories had shaken the web in recent weeks, prompting the American glove to find an NGO that would agree to investigate the Chinese factories at Foxconn. And it’s from the Fair Labor Association that Apple turned. Only here, the organization in question is its critical turn for its implication in the medium …

The controversy stems from the fact that the Fair Labor Association is controlled by both industrialists and activists. According to several competing NGOs, the Fair Labor Association is not as effective as it should be since it suffers from strong conflicts of interest. Several directors of American brands who are suspected of guiding the reports are found on its board of directors. In addition, the organization generally does not disclose the names of factories inspected in its documents. Fortunately for Apple, this will not be the case with Foxconn, the American glove having made the good decision to require on the part of the FLA to directly quote the factories which would not respect their workers.

The debate launched by the various NGOs has not yet elicited a response from Apple for the moment, which is suspected of having chosen the most passive NGO to obtain a report probably more positive than it would not have been with another NGO. Remain present to see how Cupertino will react, and if the 200,000 signatories of the petition who asked Apple to change its policy on working conditions will ask the company to change NGOs for a finding not implying conflicts of interest… What however, if the report does not identify major problems in the factories of Foxconn, it is very likely that the controversy will start all over again!

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(Source: Le Monde)