the next game of 3D Realms in video and images

the next game of 3D Realms in video and images

When we talk about 3D Realms, many of us think of Duke Nukem 3D and of the years spent developing the Arlesian Duke Nukem Forever. While we were expecting a new episode highlighting our bodybuilding hero, the development studio announced Bombshell last May.

This action game mixed with RPG futuristic offers an isometric view which highlights a heroine by the sweet name of Shelly Harrison. After losing his arm and his team by failing to defuse a bomb, Shelly was put on the back burner. A private military company then met her, promising her a second chance, by grafting her a mechanical arm.

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The scenario, however, will remind our friend Duke, since it will be a question of exterminating the Kyrr, an alien race, and saving the Earth and the president at the same time. Our heroine will evolve over the adventure, unlocking new skills.

Bombshell is scheduled to be released in 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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