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The New York Times pins Apple's iOS

The New York Times pins Apple's iOS

After revealing the scandal of working conditions at Foxconn last January, the New york times continues to follow Apple, saying today that iOS poses a new problem in the privacy of Apple smartphone users.

The New york times would he have decided to follow the slightest actions of Apple and this, having been placed on the “black list” of Cupertino by revealing, last January, the difficult working conditions of the workers of Foxconn? This is what one might think since today, the American daily newspaper is putting a layer on it by affirming that the iOS poses a new problem in the private life of the users of the smartphone of Apple. In fact, this is a flaw between iOS and the applications that require your authorization to access location data. According to the daily, this flaw allows this type of application to access your photo library on your smartphone. The problem would have already been noticed since iOS 4 but Apple still would not have deigned to correct this problem.

In practice, the risk for the user remains relatively limited. Indeed, it would be difficult to understand the value for an application editor of being able to "pump" personal photos. However, each of these photos can incorporate more sensitive information such as the exact location where they were taken, thanks to the GPS chip built into the iPhone. A detail that could allow publishers to have access to some of your trips. Which would be much more inconvenient.

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[Source: The New York Times ]