The new Xbox Series Controller with USB-C Cable is a great price, fast!

Looking for a good price on the new Xbox Series controller? As part of a limited-time offer, Amazon allows its members to acquire the famous Microsoft accessory with a USB-C cable under the bar of 50 euros.

inexpensive Xbox Series controller with USB-C cable

While the Xbox Series was released a month ago, gamers with Microsoft’s new console can get their hands on Xbox Series controller with USB-C cable on sale on Amazon.

On the occasion of a flash sale, the e-commerce giant is selling the accessory available in a Carbon Black color at a price of 49.90 euros instead of 59.90 euros; or an immediate discount of 10 euros from the merchant site. For comparison, this is the same price compared to the controller sold without cable.

With this controller, the user can play wirelessly or use the USB-C cable. It will also be able to quickly associate and switch from a Windows 10 PC to a phone, to an Xbox Series X / S, to an Xbox One, to an Android device, or even to a tablet. Finally, the controller has dimensions of 17.8 x 7.2 x 17.7 cm and weighs 520 grams.