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The new Mac Pro could arrive in September according to the Apple site


Posted: June 12 2019
Updated: June 11, 2019

by Steve

The announcement of a new Mac Pro caused a sensation last week at the WWDC opening keynote. Apple had taken the opportunity to unveil a veritable monster of power, capable of transforming your desktop into an unstoppable war machine. Modular, able to accommodate up to 28 cores (!!), up to 1.5 TB of RAM (!) And up to 4 TB in SSD (!!!!), the Mac Pro stood out for its sound design reminiscent of… a cheese grater. Let’s not lie to each other, we all thought of the same thing in reaction to the first images shown.

Except that the cheese grate will not cost 4 euros at the local Bricolex but … at least 5999 dollars. A colossal sum that will put off the most modest of us, and which will only be accessible to large companies specializing in complex and demanding graphics tasks.

First announced for the fall, the Mac Pro could be released in September, according to the American site of Apple. The indication was on the “Notify Me” pop-up that appeared on the home page. However, we could still see “Coming this fall”, in the fall, on the page dedicated to the Mac Pro. However, this very morning, the shock: Apple updated its site to erase all traces of the word “september”. So, leak or simple error? The question remains unanswered for the moment…