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The new "Lightning" cable from Apple dj cloned by a Chinese firm

The new "Lightning" cable from Apple dj cloned by a Chinese firm

While the iPhone 5 and the latest iPod Touch have just seen the light of day with this type of connector, a Chinese firm announces the marketing of the cable and an adapt dock, all equipped with the famous internal microchip, Apple sign.

We gave you some all the details during our test of the iPhone 5. This new Lightning port has been designed to allow, thanks to the integration of a proprietary digital chip, to recognize if you are going through the official channel to use the new generation iDevices like the iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G or iPod nano 7G. Equipped with this intelligent β€œchip”, Lightning technology is also capable of dynamically reassigning the task assigned to each of the contacts, depending on the use of the moment such as recharging, synchronization, video playback, etc.

Apple's wish would therefore be that you only go through its accessories and therefore also set the price

Accessorists do not see things this way and this is the Chinese site iPhone5mod which announces its color (in every sense of the term). Indeed, the latter unveils the first clone of the Lightning solution, embellished with LEDs which will light up depending on the activity on the cable.

β€œWe got an interview with the people in charge of iPhone5mod. They informed us that they manufacture the cable thanks to their close collaboration with the supplier of the integrated circuit signed Apple. This same supplier is capable of distributing the chip to them in its strictly original state, while having taken care to delete the part of the code relating to their own authentication. The cloned chips would work just like the model Apple built into its accessories. ” reports M.I.C. Gadget who would have met with the managers of the firm.

The product is available in two variants. Either the illuminated cable alone, sold at a price of $ 19, or the combination of the cable and the matching dock, for which you will have to pay $ 39.9 in total, shipping costs not included.

Not having a compatibility label ("Made for iPhone / iPod style"), each person who acquires it will be responsible if any malfunction should arise during the use of this new accessory.

Nevertheless, we have decided to try the experience and we are waiting to receive the product which we will not fail to present to you in our lines.

Would you be tempted by this kind of atypical product, capable of being able to synchronize / recharge your iDevice at home, at the office, in your caravan, or elsewhere?

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