the new keyboard for iPhone attacked by BlackBerry

the new keyboard for iPhone attacked by BlackBerry

The troubles of Typo Products LLC, a young company looking to market a Typo keyboard for iPhone whose inspiration for BlackBerry keyboards has just cost him nearly a million dollars, are not finished.

The company co-founded by the American producer Ryan Seacrest thought to be done with the legal problems following this decision and relied on a keyboard Typo 2 revisited and that was supposed to be unassailable.

IPhone keyboard typo

Typo Keyboard for iPhone

This was without taking into account the informed eye of the lawyers of BlackBerry who, once again, accuse the company of being a little too inspired by the design of the keyboards of the Canadian brand and have just filed a complaint against the new keyboard.

While John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, has repeatedly reaffirmed the value of the keyboard as an emblem of the manufacturer's success, there is no question of dropping the case. BlackBerry is attacking the company that its new Typo keyboard continues to draw inspiration from its design and its technologies.

In its complaint, the manufacturer cites several media citing the maintenance of a resemblance of the Typo 2 keyboard with the keyboards of BlackBerry smartphones and claims damages, as well as an appeal to block the sales of the accessory intended for the iPhone.