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the new challenge starts tomorrow on Apple Watch

Mois du cœur

February is heart month and Apple has decided to create a new challenge for Apple Watch users to promote cardiovascular health.

Heart month

The goal is to complete this special challenge by Valentine's Day, the month of the month dedicated to heart health. All you need is an Apple Watch and an urge to exercise.

To meet the Heart Month challenge, all interested users will need to close their training ring in the Activity app for seven consecutive days. The challenge will start tomorrow, February 8, 2020 and last until February 14, 2020. Those who pass the challenge will receive a special thematic prize and exclusive stickers for iMessages.

The challenges promoted by Apple are often linked to special occasions or holidays organized throughout the year. There is Earth Day, Veterans Day, or New Years. The results can be monitored in the Activities application in the Rewards tab and collected as challenges arise.