An iTV of 65 "?

The new Apple TV would cost $ 149 well

apple tv itv iconAfter 9to5 last week, it's time for John Paczkowski of Buzzfeed to confirm the price of the new version of the Apple TV. It should cost $ 149, or as much in euros a priori.

If this price is confirmed, it would be higher than the starting prices of the second and third generations, but lower than for the first, which was sold at its beginnings for $ 249.

The US media adds another piece of information, the "universal search" should make its appearance. Typing, "James Bond" for example, it will be possible to find all the corresponding content, both on iTunes and Netflix for example.

Apple should fully integrate Siri into this new feature and the buyout of the start-up Matcha in 2013 would have helped this advance.