The new Apple Airpods Max headphones for pre-order at Darty!

Apple Airpods Max headphones will be released on December 15, 2020, but you can already pre-order them on the Darty website. They are available for 629 € and in 5 colors: space gray / sky blue / pink (pink) / silver (silver) / green (green).

airpods max darty

Great news for the headphones sector: the 1st Apple headphones are coming out soon! Since the December 15th, you can indeed enjoy the Apple Airpods Max headset for only € 629. Worried that stocks will run out quickly on release day? No problem. You can pre-order an Apple Airpods Max headset right now on the Darty site.

Apple quality finally in headphones

Prepare for an incredible listening experience“. The tone is set by Apple from the first lines of presentation of the Airpods Max. Circum-auricular, the new Apple headphones are made to adjust to all skull shapes to provide the best possible insulation for everyone.

It also offers a active noise reduction with 6 outward facing microphones and 2 inward facing microphones. Its beamforming microphones even allow you to isolate your voice so that it is audible and without external pollution during your calls.

Sound side, it has dynamic transducers which reproduce a wide range of frequencies and minimize distortion over the entire audible spectrum. Its bass is rich and deep, and every note is crisp and clear.

This article is a sponsored post by Darty.