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the new Android M … like Macadamia Nut Cookie?

The developer conference Google I / O 2015 which will take place at the end of May and it should be the occasion to reveal the first elements of the version of Android succeeding Lollipop. The mention of a mysterious Android M has already made a fleeting appearance in the program of the event's sessions.

Android-5.1-Lollipop As last year with Android L, Google should only discuss this new version under the name Android M, without giving the final name which will remain on the theme of dessert. And failing to know the name of the next evolution of Android, it is its internal code name that is revealed.

The site Android Police indicates that a Android MNC appeared in AOSP ((Android Open Source Project) and this acronym would correspond to Macadamia Nut Cookie.

But in the same way that the codenames of Android KitKat and Lollipop were Key Lime Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie respectively, this Macadamia should therefore not correspond to the final name of the Lollipop suite.

The secret of the final name therefore remains intact and we can probably only eliminate Macadamia from the list of desserts starting with the letter M for the name of the next evolution of Android.