The New 3DS is available in France: an update on its advantages

The New 3DS and New 3DS XL available in France soon!

The release of New 3DS and 3DS XL in Europe was not in doubt, but so far Nintendo had not yet communicated on this subject. The thing is repaired, since during its press conference, the Japanese giant indicated that the two consoles will indeed be available in France this quarter.

New_3DS_b Despite the reluctance of Satoru Iwata who did not seem in a hurry to offer these new consoles on the European market, a market in which 3DS sales remain relatively dynamic, the New 3DS and its XL variant will be offered from February 13.

The two machines bring some improvements compared to the models which they will gradually replace. On the menu, better autonomy, a better viewing angle for the 3D screen, and especially faster processors that will speed up the loading times of games and applications. The console also gains three new buttons, including two new triggers and another button making New 3DS XLanalog stick office.

As always, this implies that certain games that will fully exploit this excess power may be offered exclusively on the latest generation machines, putting the traditional 3DS at an early retirement.

This is already the case with Xenoblade Chronicles, which will thus be offered on New 3DS and which will be incompatible with the old consoles.

Finally, Nintendo will focus on personalization, since the console will be offered in two different colors associated with a dozen removable fronts. No price has been announced yet, but we can expect an entry price of 200 euros for the New 3DS.