the National Assembly asks for your opinion

the National Assembly asks for your opinion

Supported by the President of the Republic and evoking a right to " deep and continuous sedation "Until death, the bill of deputies Alain Claeys (PS) and Jean Leonetti (UMP) on the end of life will be considered by the National Assembly from March 10.

National AssemblyBut since the beginning of the week and until February 16, Internet users can help prepare parliamentary debates around this social issue via contributions as part of a qualified citizen consultation. Such an online citizen consultation is a first of its kind for the National Assembly. It is launched on an experimental basis, which implies that if necessary, there will be others.

For the President of the National Assembly Claude Bartolone, the idea is that " all French people can now directly give their opinion on the texts submitted to deputies. "

The contributions of internet users on the articles of the bill creating new rights for people at the end of life are already counted by the thousands, including more than 800 on article 1 (right to a dignified and peaceful end of life) and more of 400 on article 3 (right to deep sedation).

As you would expect, many comments are from the register of activism including for those who consider that this bill " simply validates euthanasia "It will be difficult to sort out and this may also be due to the mode of operation of the platform set up. The impression of a long list of all-out comments that ultimately do not encourage debate.

To comment, you must identify yourself using an account. The consultation is governed by a moderation charter. Comments may thus be deleted (except subject, violation of privacy, advertising message, hateful content …).