The name “iPhone” banned in Mexico!

The name “iPhone” banned in Mexico!

The word “iPhone” to designate the famous Apple smartphone can no longer be used in Mexico, since Apple has just lost its lawsuit against the brand “iFone”, a local brand registered 4 years before iPhone.

Iphone Mexico - The name

ifone, a telecommunications company registered in 2003 in Mexico, attacked the Cupertino company on the name “iPhone” deemed too close phonetically. This follows the launch of the first iPhone (the 5th) in Mexico. The Mexican company naturally does not want to do without the name of its brand, Apple has therefore dragged the company to court.

Bad news for the American giant, his injunction was rejected. He will therefore have to change the name of his smartphone in Mexico. In addition, the company ifone could backfire on Apple and ask for damages and interests which could amount to 40% of the future turnover of the iPhone in Mexico!

It only remains to know if the launch of the iPhone 5 planned for today in Mexico will take place and especially what will be its new name! iCaramba? iPepito? Mystery!