The "multitasking gestures" would announce the end of the Home button?

The "multitasking gestures" would announce the end of the Home button?

Following recent appearances of alleged new iPod touch, it seems that the home button has become fully tactile. Naturally, these photos are taken with tweezers but can nevertheless be credible if one bases oneself on the functionality “multitasking Gestures” appeared stealthily in iOS 4.3.

Indeed, if you followed our various tutorials to activate it, you have probably realized that almost all of the functionality of the Home button had become obsolete.

Even if the “multitasking Gestures” function is not very practical on an iPhone screen, with a few improvements it could allow Apple to win another battle against the jailbreak.

What is the relationship between this function and the jailbreak you tell us? Well, if you think about it more closely, making the home button touch could, for example, prevent you from now putting your iDevice in DFU mode (necessary for current jailbreak methods) and thus planting a pine in the foot hackers.

all this is pure speculation right now and only Apple knows what it is all about. And on your side, what do you think? The Home button soon to be tactile: fake or real?

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