The Most Successful Game of All Time: A Minesweeper Story

The time waster we loved

The most successful game ever created is not World of warcraft , Tetris or even The Sims.

Minesweeper , a small game that debuted in 1990 as part of the Windows Entertainment Pack, before being promoted as a standard feature in Windows 3.1 and later.

Less obvious than Solitary , less concentration needed to play. What better way to hide from the boss while waiting for the internet to be invented?

Like most Windows games, the deminer is not just about killing time. Part of it was intended to teach people basic mouse commands at a time when most computers were text-based. Left click for mines. Right click to place a flag.

A Microsoft original

Minesweeper was a Microsoft original, written by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson, and hasn’t changed much over the years.

In the unlikely event that you’ve never played it, the bottom line is that you start with an empty field (its size and the number of mines determined by the difficulty setting) and you need to uncover the squares one by one. times. Below each is either a space, a number, or a mine. The numbers tell you how many mines are in adjacent squares, the mines kill you dead. To win, you must clear the field without touching a mine. It’s a relatively simple, yet satisfying, deduction game.

The main changes to the game have been simple. The difficulty was changed slightly in Windows 2000 and later, and Microsoft hired Oberon to do a complete rewrite for the Vista version.

Minesweeper controversy

As harmless as it may sound, the deminer has not remained without his detractors. For most of us, mines are just a practical setting for wrapping deductive gameplay.

This is not the case elsewhere in the world, where they remain a threat and a symbol of pain and suffering. In 2001, a group calling themselves the International Campaign to Ban Winmine tried to get Microsoft to choose something less controversial, and there have been other similar protests over the years.

For Vista, Microsoft finally surrendered and began offering an alternative flower-based tile set.

How to play minesweeper like a pro?

If you want to know how to play minesweeper like a pro, you are certainly in the right place.

In this article, we explain how you can become a pro while playing minesweeper with a few simple tips and tricks. So let’s get started:

1: Select the level of difficulty.

If you are a beginner, you should go for the Beginner difficulty level. However, you can also opt for an intermediate, expert or custom difficulty level. But we recommend that you start with the basic step which is the beginner level if you are just starting to play minesweeper. You can certainly choose the level of difficulty as you progress.

Choosing the custom option allows you to determine the number of squares in a grid and the number of mines. You can certainly play with the numbers and adjust them accordingly, to choose the difficulty level all you need to do is click on the play option usually positioned in the upper right corner of the minesweeper window.

2: Pay attention to the numbers.

In your Minesweeper game window, you will see the number of mines placed on your game platform. It is usually placed in the lower left corner of the window. In addition to the number of mines, once you have started your game the time count also begins. So be sure to factor in the time and number of mines. These factors play a central role in determining your final score.

3: Click towards the middle.

If you are trying to click on a random square, we recommend that you preferably click towards the middle if there is one. While this is not a proven trick, it works one way or another according to experienced birds. If 4 or 5 squares appear after clicking on a random square, then you should consider evaluating the numbers from now on. If only one square appears, you need to click and find another random square, moreover, if you right click on a tile, it will mark the tile as a suspected bomb.

4: Use the “elimination process”.

Reporting potential mines while moving forward is a good habit while playing Minesweeper. This has eliminated the possibility of clicking on a mine to a large extent and as you progress towards the end of the game you will find this very useful as it works like a charm.

5: Practice as much as you can.

Nothing else is a safe way to play Minesweeper like a pro other than training as much as you can. “Practice makes a perfect man,” that quote also has the greatest value in this case. The more you practice, the more familiar you become with grid patterns and mine occurrences.

Here are some quick tips with which minesweeper will become an easy game for you:1: If you ever had to guess, be sure to try your luck on a tile associated with low risk. Alternatively, if you want to be a minesweeper pro, you have to think like a pro. Go slowly while inventing your moves rather than clicking wildly.

2: Always start the game in the same place and use the power of the signal tiles.

3: Try to think logically and you will find your way.