The most secure free software download sites for Windows

The download sites free software can be dangerous. Visiting a bad site can make you stale with bogus download buttons and warnings about viruses and malware, which are usually malware in disguise.

A good internet security suite can protect you from malware-laden downloads, but it’s best to avoid these free download sites altogether. Stick to proven sites that are committed to being free from malware and deception.

In addition to personal experience, we have used these tools to check website reputations and build our list of the best software download sites:

For a website to qualify for this list, it had to score at least 90% with Web of Trust and 35/36 with URLVoid. No site can ever be 100% secure, but these download sites are generally clean and interesting.

WOT reliability: 94%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

For those who don’t know Ninite it’s very simple: the website presents you with a list of programs that you can select, then allows you to download a custom installation file that includes all the selected programs so you can install them. in bulk.

Ninite is known for its security, so you don’t have to worry about malware or the bundled bloatware and junkware. Run the same setup file later and Ninite will automatically update all programs.

It is a great tool to download the best windows software.

WOT reliability: 93%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

Softpedia is arguably the largest file host on the web, with over 850,000 files in its database. Hundreds of them are updated every day. You can thus not only have programs clean and malware-free , but you can also be sure that they are as recent as possible.

On top of that, it has a fantastic reputation and an easy to use interface that makes it easy to navigate programs and drivers of all types, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.

WOT reliability: 93%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

Even though the site looks like it was completely out of the 90s, MajorGeeks has been one of the top-rated software download sites for over 15 years. When a site has several thousand users online at any given time, you know it’s providing great service.

His list of Top Freeware Picks is a great place to start, but don’t be afraid to scour the left sidebar and browse all kinds of highly rated programs you might find useful.

WOT reliability: 93%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

FileHippo is a well-known site with over 20,000 active programs divided into 16 useful categories on Windows, Mac and Web. But whatever you do, if the site offers you a download manager, skip it and go for direct download.

It should be noted that FileHippo offers an Update Checker program, which scans your system and compares all running programs to determine if there is a need to update any of them. It’s the easiest way to make sure all of your software is always up to date.

WOT reliability: 92%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

We recently highlighted Donation Coder when we included Automatic Screenshotter in our coverage of free screen recorders for windows . As the name suggests, Donation Coder prides itself on providing free, clean software in exchange for nothing but donations.

The downside to this site is that you will only find utilities created by Donation Coder, so the repository is small and niche. Then again, a lot of the programs are very useful and interesting, so you might find something that catches your eye.

WOT reliability: 91%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

Despite its cluttered and headache-causing website, Download Crew worth using, because each program listed has a short but informative review that explains what it does, why it’s good, and what its flaws are.

Want to find some cool new programs? Start with the “Most Popular Downloads” section and the “Editor’s Pick” section (which you can access at the bottom of the home page). The programs are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

WOT reliability: 91%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

FileHorse does not have a large repository of software. Instead, this site is all about storing the best, most useful programs, and making sure they’re all clean and free of malware and viruses. This is great for finding popular alternatives to popular programs.

WOT reliability: 90%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

FilePuma and the aforementioned FileHippo share a lot of similarities – and I’m not just talking about their names. FilePuma excels at its categorization, which is much easier to navigate than FileHippo.

FilePuma also has its own Update Detector program to keep your software up to date. Very handy if FileHippo’s tool is not for you or if you don’t like it for some other reason.

WOT reliability: 90%URLVoid Ranking: 36/36

There are few things that differentiate SnapFiles other freeware download sites, but if I like one thing about this one, it’s the “Daily Freeware Pick” highlighted on the homepage. If you check in every day, sometimes you can find some really useful tools and utilities.

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Where do you download free software?

Don’t rely solely on this list! At the end of the day, staying safe on the web means following good security habits, such as checking the integrity of files you download with hash checkers appropriate.