The most expensive iPhone 6 in the world

The most expensive iPhone 6 in the world

Based in the United Kingdom and specialized in gold-plated objects, in particular the personalization of Apple products such as the iPhone, Goldgenie signs a limited edition Diamond Ecstasy of an iPhone 6.

And it is the pride of Goldgenie, this iPhone 6 is touted as the most expensive in the world with a price of up to 2.3 million pounds, or nearly 3.1 million euros.

To reach such a crazy sum, the potential client must ask for a little customization. This more than wealthy customer will have to choose their own precious stones and other diamonds that will adorn the indecent iPhone 6.

Initial sales did not reach such an extravagant sum, but Goldgenie recorded five orders for "only" £ 10,000 (nearly € 13,500): three iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy in 24-carat gold version and two others in pink gold.

Needless to say, Goldgenie is already in the running to personalize the Apple Watch in its own way.