Google ATAP modular smartphone to be launched in 2017

the modular Macaw Project will have its variant with Tegra K1 processor

The giant Google will logically make a series of demonstrations of his project modular telephone Project Macaw during the CES 2015 show in Las Vegas next January, which he hopes to market soon.

ARA project The design work has progressed well and the group announces that it has received the first three prototypes from the latest design review (Spiral 2) of the future product, manufactured by the assembler Quanta Computer and which have been initialized as expected.

And if the group Toshiba is well involved in the design of the integrated circuit with the provision of a ASIC UniPro, Google indicates to have worked with two partners for the applications processor, with two distinct prototypes, one under processor PXA1928 from Marvell and the other under Tegra K1 from Nvidia, in addition to a processor provided by RockChip and which will be ready for the next Spiral 3 design revision expected in spring 2015.

The Spiral 2 prototypes already give a good idea of ​​the end product and have customizable shell modules. They will be the subject of demonstrations during the next developer conferences organized in January.