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Given the means and mainly MS technologies used by MINDEF, this was to be expected or at least that makes things easier …

I had a long discussion with a guy working there and the decisions were simply … absurd …

Well, a few well-placed bribes, and we can equip the Weapon with anything and everything. Example: the French Navy under a variant of Windows XP, with its bursts which could no longer download their flight parameters thanks to… Confiker. What a great idea. It is however not the quality engineers who are lacking in France to start from a solid base (at random, a * BSD?) And lay a very strong OS. Instead, we prefer to buy software produced by an American box which was the first to jump in the PRISM wagon before playing the virgins scares since the Snowden affair.


** << 2007 for Microsoft , 2008 for Yahoo, etc.

Unfortunately, it's as usual …

The question is: why are decision-makers always ignorant of technical / technological matters?

answer (Orangina blood orange): BECAUSE

like everyday life …

Unfortunately, decision-makers and politicians are the prey of lobbies. If American-style lobbying (ie, with monetary remuneration – remuneration consultable on American government sites, moreover: at least, we know who drives for which company / lobby) is prohibited in France, on the other hand nothing prevents lobbies to offer "gifts" (travel, car, secondary residence, jewelry, luxury clothing, etc.), and without this being available to citizens. Not to mention that citizens' associations do not have the financial means to lobby "à la française" (a car, for example, it is expensive.)

So we come to a perverted system, where the read of the people make bad technological choices, vote ready-made laws laid down by lobbies (hadopi, lpm, the telecom lobby who would like to go back to the good old days of the cartel to three on the tariffs, etc.), without any consultation of the citizens, and certainly not in their interest. You add to that cronyism, like between political parties and com 'boxes (just see the joke of the elections of the president of the UMP there is little: nude site, outdated software (heartbleed), cardboard adminsys that speaks of DDoS when the "attack" comes from a single machine – and who does not know iptables it seems, this kind of problem is resolved in a command line, rotten SSL certificates … I wonder how much their colander cost them) and you see the sad picture of current French politics, which is the bed of extremists and populists of all kinds. "World of shit" © Georges Abitbol, ​​the most classy man in the world.