the MediaTek MT6797 10-core processor rather than SnapDragon 810 in its high-end?

With the announcement of the processor MT6797, the first 10-core processor inaugurating the series Helio X20, the designer of mobile chips MediaTek continues to move upmarket and is now targeting upscale.

Directly threatening the American leader Qualcomm, which retains control over very high-end processors with the SnapDragon 8xx processors, MediaTek can hope to interest smartphone manufacturers, especially Asian ones.

MediaTek Helio X20 According to the site Digitimes, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which uses SnapDragon 810 octocore on its latest high-end models like the Mi Note Pro, may soon switch to the solution Helio X20 for his next models.

Without offering as many refinements as the SnapDragon 810 platform, the MediaTek MT6797 solution could nevertheless appeal to the Chinese manufacturer with the argument of price and decacore configuration organized in three clusters presented as capable of more efficiently managing the different consumption profiles thanks to the intermediate cluster, avoiding unnecessarily activating the more demanding A72 hearts.

Digitimes also evokes the rumor (always unverifiable) of the existence of a solution SnapDragon 818 to ten hearts at Qualcomm which would be more of a marketing response not to leave MediaTek alone in the niche of decacore processors.