iPad: saturation of the American market?

The market share of the iPad? A real headache

iPad AirApple, more than any other manufacturer in the sector, has a certain taste for secrecy and it is almost impossible to know the exact sales figures by iDevice, officially.

Generally, observers, including us, are therefore reduced to reporting the statistical analyzes of independent firms. Today, we discover that the most famous firm for these estimates, IDC, is experiencing real difficulties in establishing the exact market shares for tablets, mainly because of the multitude of small manufacturers.

IDC has just retrospectively lowered the iPad's market share for the past year, realizing that more than 10 million inexpensive tablets were not taken into account in the initial calculation.

For the last three months of 2012, IDC announced that a tablet sold in two came from Apple, but this figure dropped by ten points to just 40% with revised estimates. At the same time, Samsung has gone from 18.4% to 12.4%.

We now know that these estimates must be taken for what they are, and not for official information to be blindly trusted.