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The MacBook Pro Retina 13 "tested by Apple?

The MacBook Pro Retina 13 "tested by Apple?

Apple has reportedly started testing new prototype MacBook Pro Retina units. Models presumably endowed with a 13 ″ screen, reveals the site GeekBench.


Apple is about to launch a new model of MacBook Pro Retina? This is what one might think following the revelation of the site GeekBench. Indeed, the latter claims to have taken over a mysterious machine present under the name "MacBookPro10,2". However, this name directly refers to the series of new MacBook Pro called "Retina" and equipped with a very high-definition screen. The classic MacBook Pro so well known by Apple under the reference “9, x”. Following this discovery, it does not take more for some to see there the results of a test carried out at Apple on a MacBook Pro Retina of 13 ″, equipped with a Core-i7 3520M (dual-core 2, 9 GHz) and 8 GB of RAM. Still according to the same source, this prototype MacBook Pro was tested on August 5 under Mac OS X 10.8.1 (build 12A2066), a version no one knew about at the time. Everything therefore suggests that this is a new MacBook Pro Retina, probably with a notch of 13 ″. To be continued…

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GeekBench site screenshot: