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The Mac App Store has its unofficial online store

The Mac App Store has its unofficial online store

Recently launched, the Hackstore is intended to host software intended for the official Mac App Store but which has been received by Apple.

Using the same Cydia concept for iOS devices, the new online store called Hackstore, recently launched, offers applications and tweaks intended for use on the operating system of Apple OS X. Its designers – who wish to preserve their anonymity , these are hackers – have developed this new platform so that developers – who see their software (s) initially planned (s) landing on the Mac App Store – can (s) everything even find a place to easily offer them for download. The designers promise that the hackstore is not set up for hacking purposes. At least, no visibility will be made on this subject. Developers who find themselves frustrated with the general conditions of use of the Mac App Store are therefore invited to submit their software (s) so that it (s) is (are) distributed by this online store. non official. Finally, the designers promise that improvements will be added to the platform as well as an increasingly supplied catalog. note that your Mac obviously does not need to be "jailbreak" to access this new platform …

The official Hackstore site.

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