The lost iPhone 5: a strange case …

Apple would work hard to find its prototype iPhone 5!

Not long ago, we were talking about a prototype iPhone 5 lost in a bar in San Francisco, the Cava 22 (Read our article "An iPhone 5 lost in a bar?").

The rest of this story is simply breathtaking!

The device so obviously traced by Apple, the "investigators" come across a young man of 22 years of Mexican origin: Sergio Caldern. This explains to the SF weekly site how things went:

One morning in July, four men and two women came to his home. They declared themselves like so many of the San Francisco police, showing off their badges.

The young man, impressed, then let the “agents” search his apartment, his vehicle and his computer. Finding nothing convincing, the “police” began to ask him a few questions, in an increasingly pressing manner. Finally, one of the agents asked Sergio: "Is everyone American here?" … "Because if not, there could be problems …" He then offers to give $ 300 against the iPhone gar to avoid trouble. …

The policeman pushes the vice to the point of pretending to call the "sponsor" in order to make it appear that the latter will not prosecute if he returns the device! Before leaving, the fake agents ask to call a certain “Tony” if new information should reach them within a few days.

In order to verify the truth of this latest news, the weekly SF team decides to call the man named “Tony” to find out more. The call was successful, and an individual claiming to be Anthony Colon, an Apple employee, answered them. Understanding the content of the conversation, the latter prefers to remain silent and gives no information on the subject!

One wonders what kind of police Sergio Caldern was dealing with? The story gets worse when you contact the San Francisco Police: no intervention is listed at their home!

Apple would he have forced this story?

What do you think?

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(Source: SF Weekly)